Workshop in Shenyang

On behalf of FiW, Mr. Yunbo Yun and Mr. Schunicht met employees of Shenyang Revitilization of the Sewage Treatment Co. Ltd. in Shenyang on 1st March 2017 in order to discuss the framework of SINOWATER sub-project T1 (upgrading municipal WWTPs) as well as SINOWATER sub-project T2 (new approaches to the treatment of pharmaceutical waste waters). The visit included a tour of the laboratory and the inspection of the pre-chosen site for the pilot plant.

Mr. Yun explained the terms of delivery and the set-up of the pilot plant (overseas shipping container). The WWTP’s chief operator Mr. Yin then elaborated on the changed discharge situation in detail and allowed for questions regarding organizational matters.

On the second day, FiW’s team had a chance to foster the relation to Shenyang Academy of Environmental Science, who are a scientific partner in the SINOWATER project and who had sent a delegation mentored by FiW to Germany before. The Academy affirmed their willingness to support FiW’s research project in China.



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