SINOWATER symposium in Kunming

The opening speech at the symposium was given by the consul general of Germany, Mr. Dr. Klaus Schmidt. Mr. Prof. Max Dohmann (FiW), the vice mayor of the city of Kunming, Mr. Wang Daoxing, and Mr. Dr. Klaus Schmidt took the chance to bring together politics and science and to exchange their ideas.

The first day included presentations on the Sino-German cooperation (Prof. Dohmann, FiW), a draft of the main planning tasks (Xiao Ding, KMEPB), and an outline of the water managerial objectives of the 13th Five-Year-Plan (Prof. Wang, CRAES). The topic of the afternoon was data processing, including geo-data, biological data and data gained from surveys.

Integrated Urban Drainage was the headline of the first half of the second day. The topic of the second half of the day, the upgrading of waste water treatment plants with focus on constructed wetlands, was received with great interest and induced many questions. In the final session of the symposium the advances on modeling the Caohais, a high plateau shallow lake, were outlined before Prof. Max Dohmann and Mr. Xiao Ding closed the symposium with final remarks on the prospects of the future activities of the expert platform Dian-Lake-Management.

During the closing event, the German Evening, all participants expressed their satisfaction with the objectives achieved thus far and declared their strong interest in lasting cooperations to ensure the sustainable management of Dian-Lake.





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