SINOWATER symposium: field trip

On the third day of the SINOWATER-symposium held from 24th to 26th October 2016, a field trip vividly demonstrated the topics of the previous two days.

During a boat excursion on the Dian Lake the participants had the opportunity to get an impression of the lake’s condition. After that, the participants visited a constructed wetland which had been the topic of a presentation on the previous day. The wetland serves as a buffer between the town and the lake.

In the afternoon, the group was introduced to the improvement measures taken at Kunming’s waste water treatment plants 1, 7 and 8.

Participants were particularly interested in an advanced denitrification process developed by Prof GE and presented by him the previous day.
As a last stop a stormwater overflow structure in the town was visited. It contains generatorsfrom the German SINOWATER partner Steinhardt.

Apart from knowledge sharing the evening was also dedicated to cultural exchange. While participants had the chance to enjoy the Dianchi Sunshine Art Group on the first evening, the final evening introduced them to the German culture.

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