Sino-N Kick-Off in Suzhou – BMBF SINOWATER funding increase initiated successfully

The BMBF funded joint research project SINO-N will lay the foundation for an advanced reduction of nitrogen loads in the effluent of a waste water treatment plant situated in a predominantly industrial part of the city of Suzhou (P.R. China) in the province of Jiangsu. As stipulated in the 13th Five-Year-Plan for the Taihu catchment area, the Sino-German research team aims for a maximum concentration of 10 mg/l total nitrogen (TN) in the effluent, a value even lower than the German standard of 15 mg/l for WWTP of size category 5. Innovative process engineering as well as conceptual measures for improved waste water management will ensure compliance with these strict limit values.

The research team includes experts from the Research Institute for Water and Waste Management (FiW) at RWTH Aachen, the ATEMIS GmbH, the EvU Innovative Environmental Engineering GmbH, the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and the Chinese industry partner Huayan Water Affairs Co ., Ltd who is one of the leading waste water disposal companies in the city of Suzhou and the operator of the waste water treatment plant in question.

In February 2017, the German experts held a first workshop to discuss organizational matters and to conceptualize the experiments planned for the pilot plants. On 24th February 2017, FiW staff members Mr. Prof. Max Dohmann and Mr. Yunbo Yun met the Chinese partners in the kick-off meeting at the waste water treatment plant in Suzhou to discuss the allocation of responsibilities and to schedule the tasks for 2017. They also had a chance to visit the plant’s laboratory in which the waste water samples will be analyzed. According to Huayan Water Affairs, the laboratory is one of the biggest and most modern in the province of Jiangsu.


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