SINO-INSPECTION: project meeting in Lindau on Lake Constance

On 10th March 2017, a meeting of all German project partners took place at the SINO-INSPECTION project partner JT elektronik GmbH in Lindau in the context of the Lindau Conference.
Chaired by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Max Dohmann, FiW staff members shared their impressions of their visit of the Chinese partners in Jiaxing and Hangzhou.
Based on this report further steps for adapting the channel inspection and flushing technology to the specific conditions in Jiaxing were planned. Furthermore, the requirements for software solutions for sewer rehabilitation techniques adapted to the specific features of the drainage system of Jiaxing were discussed.
For further coordination of the first demonstrations with the Chinese partners further trips to Jiaxing and Hangzhou is planned for May 2017.


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