Sub-project T3
Titel Upgrading Combined Sewer System
Startmonat 1
Endmonat 36
Hauptstandorte in China Kunming
Involvierte Partner
  • FiW
  • STE

Work specification

  • Selection of suitable plant sites
  • Plant and test design
  • Data processing and model development
  • Implementation of models
  • Constructional preparatory work for a sieving plant
  • Upgrading of stormwater treatment facilities
  • Constructional preparatory work for the sewer system management
  • Stormwater and sewer system management
  • Measurements
  • Briefing of Chinese partners
  • Discussion of operating results and recommendations

T3 – Stormwater Management

In recent years, particular efforts have been made to reduce the waste water discharge into Dianchi. As detailed in sub-project T1, this included upgrading Kunming’s WWTPs.  With a total sewer length of 2,670 km, the city operates 1,100 km of stormwater sewers and 385 km of combined sewers. Exemplary efforts have been undertaken in recent years and measures have been put into place to minimize the substance loads into Dianchi, i.e. mainly the construction of retention basins and facilities for the treatment of combined discharges. Picture 4-8 shows the city’s sewer network, with the red areas within the second ring having combined drainage systems.

The project’s objectives include …

Demonstration of optimization possibilities for an existing part of Kunming’s sewer network

Involved Chinese partners

  • KMPG
  • KDWT
  • KDI