Teilprojekt T2
Titel New concepts for the treatment of pharmaceutical waste water
Startmonat 7
Endmonat 18
Hauptstandorte in China Shenyang (Western WWTP)
Involvierte Partner
  • FiW
  • IFP
  • MMS

Work specification

  • Preparation of plant site
  • Plant and experiment design
  • Survey on local circumstances
  • Elaboration of requirements of pilot plant
  • Installation of a semi-industrial MBR pilot plant; import to China; transport of MBR pilot plant
  • Testing of MBR pilot plant with dosage of powdered activated carbon
  • Testing of plant’s cleansing performance
  • Comparison against the prior Chinese findings on ozonization-based process engineering
  • Discussion of test results and recommendations

T2 – New concepts for the treatment of pharmaceutical waste water

Numerous pharmaceutical companies are clustered in the region of Shenyang. Treating their waste water is highly problematic due to the high content of refractory organic constituents. Thus far, a satisfying pre-treatment for these waste waters could not be found. Instead, they cause high COD effluent values at the municipal WWTPs. The target value of 50 mg COD per liter usually cannot be met. The high effluent loads are likely the cause of the high COD concentrations in the Liao river. A particularly large single source is the WWTP Shenyang Western, discharging a daily volume of 220,000 m³ of municipal waste water and 30,000 m³ of pharmaceutical waste water originating from the Northeast Pharmaceutical Group CO Ltd (NEPG). The industrial waste water’s BOD/COD ratio is well below the value of 0.1. In order to address this problem, research on further treatment options and laboratory examinations have been conducted in recent years including, but not limited to:

  • adsorption of persistent constituents of the pharmaceutical waste water to a municipal plant’s biological sludge
  • ozonization of pharmaceutical waste water in order to disintegrate the refractory substances
  • acidification in order to increase the substances’ degradability


The project’s objectives include …

The development of new concepts for the joint treatment of pharmaceutical and municipal waste water

Involved Chinese partners

  • NEPG
  • WTP