Steinhardt HyroSwitch as an invaluable milestone in stormwater management (T3)

On Thursday, 2nd March 2017 FiW staff members Mr. Dr. Paul Wermter and Mr. Florian Rankenhohn as well as Mrs. Ran Feng (SiGeWa) met the chief engineer of Dianchi Invest Mrs. Hailing Wang and representatives of the partners Guangzhou Municipal Design and Research Institute as well as the Kunming Urban Drainage Company in Kunming.

Mr. Wermter gave an opening speech on the urban drainage situation in Germany, especially focusing on the Drainage Master Plan as a conceptual approach. Chinese partners are eager to grasp the German approach in order to integrate these concepts into their own system.

The second day was filled with a workshop. The primary idea was to analyze Kunming’s drainage system in order to deepen the understanding of the theoretical considerations through conceptional as well as concrete deliberations regarding the storm water management situation in Kunming. The successful talks that had been taking place since October were a sound basis for the discussions. For Dianchi Invest’s interests a suitable aggregate could be found through the German partner Steinhardt: the alterable waste water switch, called HydroSwitch, separates the sewerage into waste water and stormwater. By doing so, not only the quantitative sewer overload but also the pollution of the Dianchi could be minimized.

Following the workshop, the partners visited the selected site and critical points in the catchment area of the aggregate. The site measuring and further insights serve as an input for the subsequent numerical modeling as well as for the design of the aggregate.

The meeting and the selection of the site are important milestones within the SINOWATER sub-project Storm Water Management and will help to improve the situation around Dianchi. FiW is active both in projects T3 and K2 as well as in the 2017 symposium on the future of Dianchi. The symposium serves as a platform for experts for the exchange on the lake’s management.

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