SINOWATER – Good Water Governance and German water technology for two major Chinese water bodies

Joint project of BMBF IC Major Water


International Partnerships for sustainable climate and environmental protection technologies and services – CLIENT

To achieve urgent water management objectives in China, the “Major Program for Science and Technology for Water Pollution Control and Governance” was initiated by the Chinese Ministry of Environment. Six further ministries of the national government are involved in the program. The project is set for the duration from 2006 until 2020. The joint project SINOWATER deals with two of the three most significant and strongest polluted Chinese waters, the river Liao and the Dian-lake in the area of the metropolises Shenyang and Kunming, respectively. The overall goal of the project SINOWATER is the improvement of the water quality in the mentioned water bodies as well as the development and optimization of Good Water Governance. These objectives are pursued through the implementation of innovative German water technologies and through the optimization of water management elements.

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Technologies and management approaches …

The distinctive feature of SINOWATER is the combination of a technological and a managerial part, as specifically requested by the responsible Chinese partners. The “Sino-German Research Center for Water Management” (SiGeWa) in Chengdu, established in 2010, ensures the smooth organizational support of the two remote project regions Shenyang and Kunming.

… to enhance the water quality …

By applying German expertise and German products in the form of administrative management concepts and technical solutions, SINOWATER aims to sustainably improve the water quality of the river Liao and Dian-lake. Technological solutions concern stormwater management and the improved treatment of industrial as well as municipal waste water.

With special consideration of technical-organizational measures regarding lake restoration, FiW contributes to updating the master plan for the Dian-lake within the project SINOWATER. Building on German expertise, SINOWATER develops a sustainable sewage sludge concept for the region of Shenyang.

Cooperative, participatory and specific ecological investigation approaches as well as the implementation of an integrated water resources management (IWRM) will improve the analytical and decision-making capability, both on a normative and on an organizational level.

… in German-Chinese cooperation

All activities in the context of SINOWATER are closely coordinated with the Chinese partners. Chinese associates include competent authorities, scientific and planning institutions, and operators of waste water systems.

The implementation of SINOWATER is facilitated thanks to the involvement of Prof. Yonghui SONG, vice president of the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) and person in charge of the mega-project at the Liao river, and Prof. Xiaohu DAI, dean of the environmental faculty of Tongji University and vice chairman of the committee for the Dian-lake restoration, both of whom were active in Germany for many years.

The involved German enterprises expect the project SINOWATER to enhance their chances regarding the future shaping of water and environment-related development in China.