Sino-German Research Cooperation

Joint efforts in SINOWATER

All activities within SINOWATER are closely coordinated with the Chinese partners, i.e. Chinese authorities, scientific and planning institutes, and WWTP operators.

The implementation of SINOWATER is facilitated thanks to the active support of Prof. Yonghui SONG, vice-president of the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) and person in charge of the mega-project evolving around the Liao river, and Prof. Xiaohu DAI, dean of the environmental faculty of the Tongji University and vice chairman of the expert committee on the Dian lake restoration. Both experts have been active in Germany for many years. The German partners engaged in SINOWATER expect the project to increase their future involvement in decision making processes regarding the water-related and environmental development in China.

More emphasis on SINOWATER within the Innovation Cluster Major Water

SINOWATER is one out of three BMBF-funded joint projects within the Innovation Cluster Major Water. SINOWATER is the first accompanying project to be funded within BMBF’s long-standing and successful program “International Partnerships for Sustainable Technologies and Services for Climate Protection and the Environment” (CLIENT) as a part of the framework program “Research for Sustainable Development” (FONA3) in the category “Sustainable Water Management.” The new campaign aims interconnect the involved research ministries, science institutes, companies and operators as well as regional administrative bodies.

The federal minister of research, Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka phrased it in the following way in Berlin on 28th October 2015:

“In order to channel German know-how from science and industry into the development and implementation of innovative solutions for Chinese water-related difficulties, all stakeholders have to be involved.”

She also stressed the importance of this approach with view to BMBF’s new China strategy.