ATEMIS GmbH, Aachen

ATEMIS GmbH (founded in 1999) is an inde­pendent, privately owned consulting com­pany. All shareholders work in the company. The main fields of activity are wastewater treatment, sludge treatment waste treatment, energy recovery, and utilization of mine gas, bio gas and landfill gas. In addition to tradi­tional engineering activities, like the basic design, license planning, the detailed design, and the preparation of, as well as the partici­pation in the awarding of contracts, ATEMIS collaborates with municipalities and universi­ties in several research projects.

Currently, ATEMIS has a staff of 11 engineers, 1 biologist, 1 technician, 3 draftspersons, 1 secretary, 1 accountant and 2 trainees.

Previously, ATEMIS has participated in two large projects for nutrient recovery: one FP7 EU-Project; “ROUTES” (see below) and a joint research project of the BMBF (German federal ministry for education and research) “PASCH” (see below). Currently, ATEMIS is participating in the EU-project “PowerStep” (AMD 641661­S for nutrient recovery.

Examples for previous experience


– BMBF/BMU PASCH; Rückgewinnung von Pflanzennährstoffen, insbesondere Phosphor aus der Asche von Klärschlamm; FKZ 02WA0795; 2006-2009

– Boehler, M., Siegrist, H., Seyfried, A.; Grömping, M. (2013): “Ammonia Stripping from liquid side streams of sewage sludge processing and production of ammonium”, book chapter 10 in “Effective sewage sludge management – Minimization, recycling of ma­terials, enhanced stabilization, disposal after recovery, by Giuseppe Mininni, IRSA, CNR edizioni, Roma

– Montag D.; Pinnekamp, J. ;  Dittrich, C. ; Rath, W. ; Schmidt, M. ; Pfennig, A. ; Seyfried, A. ; Grömping, M. ; Van Norden, H.; Doetsch, P.: “Rückgewinnung von Phosphor aus Klär­schlammasche mittels des nasschemischen PASCH-Verfahrens” (2011) from: „Kreislauf­wirtschaft für Pflanzennährstoffe, insbeson­dere Phosphor“ Schlusspräsentation der För­derinitiative am 14.09.2011 in Berlin , GWA Band 228, J. Pinnekamp (Hrsg.), ISBN 978-3-938996-34-8

Key staff for research projects

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Grömping (M): 1994 Diploma for process engineering (RWTH Aa­chen University), PhD in process engineering (RWTH Aachen University), 1994-1998 engi­neer at the Enviro Consult GmbH, 1998 founding partner of the ATEMIS GmbH, since 2014 Professor for Energy- and Environment-management at the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Manager of ATEMIS.

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Seyfried (M): 1991 Di­ploma for civil engineering (University of Karlsruhe), 1991-1993 engineer at the Aqua Consult GmbH, 1994 M.Sc. environmental engineering (Virginia Tech, USA), 1995-2001 scientific assistant at the RWTH Aachen Uni­versity, since 2001 engineer at the ATEMIS GmbH. Lead engineer of the ATEMIS work package.

Dipl.-biol. Doris Schäpers (F): 1995 Diploma for microbiology (RWTH Aachen University), 1995-1999 scientific assistant at the RWTH Aachen University, since 2004 engineer at the ATEMIS GmbH. Biological and chemical as­pects of the ATEMIS work package.